Save a little for later

by SaySomething

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In 2007, Canadian born Musician/Artist Chris Francis, decided to record some songs he had written. Spent the next 3 years recording and mixing the record in Vancouver, working with some All-Star musicians such as Matt Mei, Adam Drake, Tom Gould, Cassius Khan, the list goes on.. Then it sat on the shelf for the past 3 years waiting, longing for it's moment. Chris comments, "The time has come to release it into the wild.. put to rest the ghosts that haunt this album."

From the opening track 'Diamonds' with its upbeat jazzy groove and slick horns, to the heartfelt introspective 'Far Below'. The whirlwind tablas and violin of 'I'll Be', to the final installment 'No Looking Back', 'Save a little for later' is a collection of songs that proves to be a roller coaster of emotions and a valid representation of that period in Chris' life.

Almost 8 years later from concept to completion, Chris breaths easy and says,” The perfectionist in me is saying it'll never be done, but I've learned to know when to say when. It’s time to let it go."

Whether it's singing and playing songs, or painting a canvas, Chris Francis is a conduit for creativity. Stay tuned, I'm sure there's more to come!
-The pod Press May 2013


released May 4, 2013

All Songs Written By Chris Francis
Produced by Chris Francis and Scott Woolard
Engineered by Scott Woolard
Mixed by Scott Woolard and Chris Francis
Recorded Mixed and Mastered at
Barrell House Sound 2007-2013
Copyright Chris Francis 2013
Made in Canada



all rights reserved


SaySomething Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Diamonds
Well hang on Diamonds don’t get carried away
By all the things that you’re doing yester and today
Don’t get me wrong my love for you will remain
Because you know I’m sitting here feeling the same way

So come now Ruby ya I know it’s Tuesday but I’m
In need of a drink and a minute to think would be alright
You see this girl I’ve been dreaming of reminds me of a lot like you
Because she wearing different sneakers
Stands to close to the speakers all night

So come on now Diamonds don’t you go away
Because my hearts for you I really want you to stay
oh won't you stay
But I know you gotta go gotta get out of here
Because this place will be the death of you

So hey Pearl the world is your oyster
And know that I’ll never forget about you
And next time chance brings you along
Take nine and give your buddy a call

So come on pick up the telephone
Give your buddy a call
So come on pick up the telephone
Let me know you're coming
So come on pick up the telephone
Give your buddy a call
So come on pick up the telephone
Let me know you're coming home!
Track Name: The Crux
Well here’s a story you won’t believe
Please listen so you can receive
This message doesn’t come in a bottle
It’s time for change before we all go down

See you got six billion people trying to breath
When it costs money to buy something for free
When the ground begins to crumble
My question here is where do we all go now

With an act of war on the world’s stage
We’re all trapped in a dying age
When all the bombs and people run out
My question for you is where do we go from here
Where do we go from here x3

I’m a little bitter as you can tell
But I know this story well
I can see hope on lye on our horizon
We all must keep on rising up
Never giving up
Track Name: I'll be
It’s breaking fast the waves come on rolling in
All you have to do is ask and I’ll let you win
These days I’ll take only the best of you
Because this life worth living can really make a mess or two
When the day breaks I’ll be watching you roll on

What’s important to me may not be to them
But if they’d open their eyes they’d see me looking in
Don’t try to hide behind those lying eyes
Because you know I’ll be standing here asking you why oh why
When the ground shakes I’ll be watching tumble on
When the ground shakes I’ll be watching you roll on

There’s too much pressure you put on yourself my friend
You take too little give more than you can
Ten times I’ve heard you say I’m dying Chris
But when I see your face light up I know you’re trying this time
When the night falls I’ll be watching you go home
When the night falls I’ll be watching you roll on
When the night falls I’ll be watching you

With every sense to go on and your insecurity
You stand the tallest in the crowd now they look to you and wonder how
You seem to be unshaken by all the things that have been taken why
Are the worst things happen to the best of people
When they least expected it well I guess it’s just the way it goes
No one can explain it I guess it’s just the way it goes

Comes a time for a change from a rhyme to a truth
Set the human heart right the rest should follow suit
These city walls are not bars on our cage our rage
Keep them out of your pocket and their hands off your fate
When the time comes I’ll be x3
Track Name: Malibu
A season for change is a reason for age
Part of a cycle goes beyond what I know

Sometimes with all your feelings you’ve found
The pressures mounting
Mountains and fountains of knowledge and countdowns
To right now

My Malibu dancer one hand to the lips
And the other on the hip
From a sip of divine to a kick and crime

My Malibu dancer x2

With one foot on the table and the other out the door
Can’t stay here any longer if these feet aren’t on the floor

Spend too much time thinking too little time to waste
You’re standing here breathing while memories take their place

My Malibu dancer one hand to the lips
And the other on the hip
From a sip of divine to kickin it right

My Malibu dancer x4
Track Name: Far below
I’m holding back
What’s my problem anyway
Is it a lack of confidence
That keeps me here
Well I know it takes a step
And then another few
But I’ve been walking my whole life
Just to see this through
And I know I’ll keep going
Because I owe it to myself
With know way of knowing

Just gotta let go of all these chains
Admit to myself things will never be the same

Don’t look down
It’s far below and fading fast
Yesterday has long gone past
You’ve got to wake from your sleep
The choice is up to you
You can just lay down here and die
Or you can follow through
Because you know you'll keep going
Because you owe it to yourself
With no way of knowing

Just gotta let go of what remains
Admit to yourself you’ll never be the same
You'll never be the same

Don’t look down
It’s far below and fading fast
Yesterday has long gone.
Track Name: Kings and Queens
So you’re the king of the rollers
How does it feel to be walking on the front line
While all the others at the same time
Are taking numbers for their chance to shine

Well i’ve always considered
That you can’t win unless you lose it’s a long way
But you’ve gotta be here to stay
To fight off that twisting hand of fate

Well what do you hear?
When I tell you it won’t be long before it all comes down
Buildings one by one start to drown
Hear the clang of loosening shackles
What a sound

Heaven in a nut shell would be harder to find I bet
And my will is getting stronger with every step I get closer
Sometimes it feels like I am crawling
Sometimes it feels like I could fly

So you’re the queen of the rollers
How does it feel to be walking on a thin line
On either side the great divide
With one slip you’ll be erased by time

You should always consider
That you can’t win unless you choose it’s a long road
But you’ve got to be sure to know
That roots are needed for your tree to grow

Well what do you fear
When I tell you it won’t be long before it all comes clear
Royalty in rings throwing down
Hear the clang of falling shackles
Echoing on then gone.
Track Name: Be leaving
Hands off that lady you got there
I think you’ve got the wrong one
Because the one eye love is in your arms son
I think she’s coming with me
But it’s funny how you’re standing with him
And leaving me alone
If it’s tears you’re asking for
I’ve got a few but not much more
I think I’ll be leaving

Well when I walked away that day
Not once looking back
I thought to myself what a lion of a lady
Couldn’t ask for anything more
No matter how hard it’s been for me
To let go and move on
I’ll always keep you here in the back of my mind
Just the two of us dancing so we can rewind time

Well a lifetimes past all my years have gone
But I’m still thinking of you
In a blink of an eye it has gone to fast
I’ve still got so much to do
But on the top of my list is to find out where you’ve gone
Oh where did you go?
I hope you’re somewhere close still thinking of me
I’ve got my dancing shoes on
I’m going to keep on believing.
Track Name: Otherwise
Holes in the ceiling breeze caught in firelight
Escaping the ragged shadows of the night

Sometimes the answers are wearing masks
But they will vanish only if you ask

Because nothing in this world comes for free
Except the light that resides in the minds of you and me
You gotta take that chance
You’ve gotta roll them dice
You gotta carry on
Track Name: Here i stand
Oh Ani girl when I saw your smile
Your eyes were shining
Your voice was ringing proud
Well I thought to myself
There had been an angel
Sent to show me why I belong here
There you stood before me
So strong and striking

Oh Mr. BB sir when I saw your smile
I knew you were the king
So modest in nature
An inspiration for sure
Because getting older ain’t easy
But I saw in you a younger me
There you stood before me
So handsome and proudly
There you stood before me

Oh do you see me when I smile
I was hoping that it would become contagious
Because happiness must come raging out of us
Don’t let it die there with a bitter stare
Because this life we live won’t last
Here I stand before you
Stepping out of my hiding
Well here I stand before you.
Track Name: No looking back
Well time he waits for no one
Likes lines being drawn in the sand
Cause soon they will wash away
Hold on to what you’ve been dreaming of
All those days spent scheming up
Can drift off in vain

Now the time has come
For all to be put aside
Like you worries and fears excuses and tears
Cause they don’t really mean much
When you’re standing here acting tough
I can see through your disguise
By the look in your eyes

So you finally show up
The woman I’ve been dreaming of
Been waiting so long
But I knew you would come around
Because you’re stronger than all
The things that could bring you down
No looking back x3